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Germantown Wrestling is rich in history dating back to Washington Union High School in 1961.  The term "Germantown Wrestling" stands for much more than just the sport of wrestling in Germantown.  Germantown Wrestling is the Hornets Youth Wrestling Club, Kennedy Middle School Wrestling, Germantown High School Wrestling, Germantown Wrestling Alumni, and all the Germantown Wrestling families and supporters. Thank you to all that have supported and continue to support Germantown Wrestling!


​​Welcome to Germantown Wrestling!

​Germantown Wrestling is composed of three different age grouping levels.  Our foundation starts with the Hornets Youth Club (USA Wrestling Affiliated), then Kennedy Middle School Wrestling (WIAA Affiliated), and lastly is Germantown High School Wrestling (WIAA Affiliated).  If you would like more specific  information regarding Hornets, KMS, or GHS Wrestling, please click on the appropriate link or contact Jeff Szohr. 

We would not have the success we have today without the strong support from our School District, Wrestling Families or our Germantown Community.  The support from these groups is very much appreciated and taken in with a great deal of respect from the Germantown Wrestling program.  We ask that you check out our sponsors page to see the great local companies and families that have supported us along our Germantown Wrestling journey and we ask that you support them in return!  Thanks again to all our sponsors, may we continue to reach out, grow and succeed together.

Our Mission

The Germantown Hornet's Wrestling Club will promote the sport of wrestling through a youth program that inspires sportsmanship, integrity, and character. We will focus on personal responsibility and respect for others. The program is designed to instruct K - 12th youth in the fundamentals of wrestling. The club will provide a safe, positive, and fun environment for all participants. All members will be provided with the necessary skills to succed in
the sport of wrestling through various individual and team strategies.

Congratulations Jesse Thielke on your World Team Trials Championship!!

Thank You for Visiting

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