Bus pick-up:  Flag pole on West side of school


Season Starts: First Practice Monday, November 8, 2021

Season Ends: January 15, 2022

Practice 2:45-4:30 PM daily in the cafeteria


November 30, 2021

Home vs Wauwatosa Whitman @3:45pm

December 2, 2021

Away at Grafton @3:45pm

Bus Time: 3pm

December 7, 2021

Home vs Templeton Sussex @3:45pm

December 9, 2021

Away at Hartford @3:45pm

Bus Time: 3 pm

December 14, 2021

Away at Wauwatosa Longfellow @3:45pm

Bus time: 3pm

December 16, 2021

Away at Mequon-Homestead High School @3:45pm

Bus time: 3pm

December 21, 2021

Away at Slinger @3:45pm

Bus Time: 3pm

December 19, 2019

Away at Mequon (@Homestead High School)

Bus Time: 3:10pm

Start 3:45pm

January 6, 2022

Home vs West Bend @3:45pm

January 11, 2022

Home vs North Menomonee Falls @3:45pm

February 2022

At Germantown High School

Germantown Hornets Youth Invitational

Start: 9:00am